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Every sign we paint is unique. Therefore, when it comes to pricing, we generate a custom quote for each project that comes our way. 

In order to put together a quote, we will need some information...


In order to generate a quote for your project, we will need a very detailed description of your project. The more detail the better! Specifically, these are things we will absolutely need to know:

  1.  Do you already have a design? Or were you hoping for us to design   this one? We handle both!

  2.  If you do have a design, please send the design file along in your   email.

  3.  What is the space we will be painting? 

  4.  Is this an interior or exterior space?

  5.  What is the substrate? (i.e. Brick, Corrugated Metal, Drywall, Wood,   Steel, Glass, etc...)

  6.  What are the desired dimensions of your sign or mural, as well as   dimensions of the space it will fill.

  7.  Were you hoping to have this sign painted or gilded (gold leaf)?

  8.  We will need a photo of the site we will be painting. This allows us to   assess the environment and determine our point of access (how high   up is the sign going to be and do we need to rent equipment to   access it?).